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Clients Funded & Seeking Additional Capital

 Strategic Capital Partners has successfully helped raise private equity capital for the following ventures.  Many seek to complete ongoing investment rounds or may accept additional investment.  Inquire via our Contact Us page for further information.

ePray, LLC – ePray, LLC seeks to become the primary mobile prayer applications where users may simply post and share things to pray for.  It’s not just about finding friends; it’s about finding as many other people as possible who say “me too” and “I’ll pray for you.”  ePray is at the intersection of the search, social networking, and faith markets.  It’s where for example, cancer patients find other cancer patients. Where moms find other moms who need prayer and support. Or where thousands of users agree to pray together for natural disaster victims.  The ePray mobile app is Twitter-like and Pinterest-like.  Like Twitter, posting is fast and easy.  Like Pinterest, we integrate relevant, inspirational graphics for re-sharing. With the new ePray mobile apps series, people quickly and easily create faith communities for mutual support through prayer.  The ePray platform is Twitter-like and Pinterest-like.  Like Twitter, posting is fast and easy.  Like Pinterest, we integrate relevant, inspirational graphics for re-sharing.  ePray rolled out the ePray/Cancer app, with increasing success as measured by now reaching 20,000,000 people weekly, more than 30,000,000 monthly impressions, and having become the No 1 most active prayer-related page on Facebook for 2015.  In fact, ePray/Cancer is the top shared Facebook page of 2015.  EPray/Cancer is making a greater prayer impact than any cancer organization in the world.  ePray recently captured initial revenue by closing an advertising agreement with Cancer Centers of America.  SCP helped close angel capital need.  ePray is planning a National Cancer Prayer Day for early 2017 and has formed a nonprofit, Heart a Cancer Fighter.  Contact SCP for information.

FlowPay – FlowPay® aims to be the market leader serving the $2.1 trillion nonprofit industry with advanced mobile payment and communications solutions and to be the nucleus of the non-profit and charitable giving process. Our key objective and customer problem to solve is creating a 100 percent secure digital transaction and the critical compliance and reporting needs of receiving organizations through our patent pending GMPS® (Giving Management Payment System) while creating pull/demand from individual donors. This is accomplished for the donor through increased convenience and efficiencies in both their giving and personal financial management. The FlowPay® system provides a host of benefits to the organization including increasing donations, reducing administrative overhead, and automating compliance and tax reporting for the organization and the donor alike.

BioFactura, Inc. – BioFactura develops and commercializes high-value biosimilars (i.e., follow-on biologics or generic biopharmaceuticals) using its patented StableFast™ Biomanufacturing Platform, the optimal choice for bringing these drug to market with faster, lower cost, superior-quality manufacture.  Closed $1.8M round.  Still have 50 percent tax credits available on additional capital.  Contact SCP for information.

InRoad Toys – InRoad Toys features PlayTape®.  With more than 20 industry awards for innovation and creative play, including Parent’s Magazine Best Toys of 2014, InRoad Toys  has revolutionized the play surface.  PlayTape® makes it easier, faster, more fun, safer, and less expensive to creatively play on nearly any surface.  PlayTape® complements the most popular toy brands in the world, including Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Monster Jam, LEGO, Thomas, BRIO, and more.  PlayTape® is a consumable toy that drives recurring revenue and store traffic.  It can be found in major retailers such as Hobby Lobby and Avalanche Brands (Amazon).  InRoad Toys recently signed a contract with Mattel to market PlayTape® and was 2015 runner-up for Toy-of-the-Year.  InRoad Toys seeks $500K in exchange for a 10 percent equity to be used for working capital, sales and marketing, and further product development.

Clients Seeking Capital

We continue to support raising private equity capital for the following ventures:

vClick3d – vClick3d has developed a 3D surveillance camera that achieved zero bandwidth, zero storage, and uses zero compression while maintaining 25X evidentiary information.  Verizon, AT&T, Ericsson, and GE have billions of dollars exposed in network failures and billions more in customer demands for service.  vClick3d guarantees uptime for providers and customers.  To address the more than one billion surveillance cameras installed, vClick3d has developed a retrofit kit with EDGE analytics for any analog or digital camera.  vClick3d products are linked with purchasable apps, on demand, with unique proactive analytics under a fee-for-service business model (VSaaS).  The vClick3d Integrated Spatial/Video Surveillance Platform brings new technology to the EDGE to substantially reduce operational cost and optimize the current infrastructure.  vClick3d is seeking $1.5 million.  See SCP for information.

KoVue – KoVue represents the most significant change to occur in the television watching experience since the introduction of the color TV.  The challenges of socially interacting in real-time while viewing TV/video entertainment with friends and engaging with brands and influencers through one platform have heretofore not been solved.  This brings new relevance to media and communications, enhancing the viewer experience and making it more interesting.  It is a huge market opportunity with substantial upside for early stage investors.  KoVue builds on technologies and experience it first developed in next generation broadband some 3 to 4 years ago.  KoVue has built a platform to address a key consumer interest and need – the merging of media viewing and social communications.  In this sense, KoVue can be seen as the “Spotify of video entertainment.”  KoVue addresses opportunities in both the B2C and B2B market segments in video entertainment and communications systems.  With more than 330 million TV/online video viewers and 260 million smartphone users in North america alone, KoVue is readily distributable to a significant portion of the addressable market.  KoVue is seeking $1.5 million.  See SCP for information.

Chalant Health, Inc. – Chalant Health, Inc. is an innovative medical technology and services company located near Washington, DC.  The initial product is a telehealth medication management device that offers patients the ability to connect with their doctors, nurses, pharmacist, and counselors through video technology; providing face-to-face, real-time communications.  Medication non-compliance with elderly patients costs the United States more than $100 billion annually in hospital readmissions; a major factor of the Affordability Care Act in trying to reduce overall healthcare costs.  The Chalant Health with its dynamic management team and novel device provides a solution to this challenge.  Chalant Health has raised more than $1.5 million to date and is seeking $2.0 million additional angel capital. Contact Strategic Capital Partners for information on Chalant Health, Inc.

Darkshore Music, LLC – Darkshore Music is a vertically-integrated music company headquartered in Frederick, MD that produces music, merchandise, tours, and music-related entertainment.  Darkshore aims to create value for its shareholders while treating its artists as partners – not products.  By vertically integrating, Darkshore seeks to be an industry disruptor by creating its own brand of music and monetizing via a 360-degree business model inclusive of recording, publishing, touring, merchandizing, sponsorships, and – importantly – artist development.  This approach aims to create a loyal fan base and diverse revenue streams.  Darkshore presently seeks to raise $150,000 of angel investment for artist acquisition and development, recording, branding, promotion, and tour production.  With its experienced, knowledgeable management team and partner relationships, Darkshore plans so create a new dynamic in the music industry.  Contact Strategic Capital Partners for information on Darkshore Music, LLC.

Truvincio – Truvincio is the first and only company currently providing turnkey, cost effective cybersecurity solutions for small businesses that actually addresses the disproportionate liability risk from data losses.  Since 80 percent of data losses have a root cause of employee error, effective security starts by addressing people and process.  Only then can the appropriate supporting technologies be integrated.  Truvincio succeeds by commoditizing the high quality and value of top tier consulting in a proprietary SaaS offering via a subscription service.  Further, as security is constantly evolving, the need for our services is ongoing. The platform is scalable, flexible and expandable – following a complete Enterprise Roadmap.  The inherent value of the platform is that every new customer experience creates the opportunity to improve the service for every other customer.  As customers deal with real-life situations, such as audits and security incidents, we can help them to quickly recover, then pass on the lessons learned to every other customer.  Truvincio is the first to tackle the question of “reasonable” security for small businesses, thereby creating the standard to meet.  Additionally, having regulators cite Truvincio as the standard for ‘reasonable’ creates a significant barrier of entry to anyone else trying to compete.  More importantly, the simplicity, comprehensiveness, and ease of use we have built into our solution is extraordinarily difficult to replicate, further complicating anyone else’s attempt to compete in our market space.  Our continuous innovation of the solution also means that anyone trying to copy us will start far behind and remain in constant catch up mode.  Truvincio seeks $500K in a convertible note offering.  Contact SCP for information.

Act!vate Brain & Body – Act!vate is a scalable, landmark company with a breakthrough, patentable approach to fitness.  Targeting the massive and wealthy Boomer population that seeks to redefine aging, Act!vate has developed an integrated program of stress reduction, brain training and fitness training along with diet and nutrition counseling that is customized for each member to optimize performance of both brain and body.  Members are guided by a highly skilled and certified coach to achieve a level of fitness we call The Act!vated Self ™.  Two trials of the Act!vate program have achieved promising increases in VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption), working memory, and overall fitness and health.  Based on our trials and validated research, we believe that our unique process will be shown to create cognitive reserve that will slow down or even stave off the effects of aging on the brain. Act!vate is the first of its kind brain & body fitness company and the first fitness company to put the brain ahead of the body to create techniques to trigger neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells).  At Act!vate, our mission is to change the trajectory of aging.  Our membership-based revenue model includes a comprehensive and personalized program of brain and body training to enable Boomers to improve and extend their midlife years. This is achieved by creating brain and body health along with cognitive reserve, which have a profound impact on reversing or preventing obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and dementia. In so doing, we will reduce the economic healthcare burden on individuals and healthcare insurers.  The existing fitness business does not serve nearly enough of the population and has not lived up to its potential, so we are reinventing this failed fitness business as Upstream Preventive Healthcare for the age 50+ population.  Act!vate seeks $942K in capital.  Contact SCP for information.


Cwist – The goal is for the CWIST content-marketing platform to rapidly become essential to staying competitive for all brands, and that it will be a required piece of every digital marketing strategy like Facebook or inbound email marketing. The CWIST platform (www.cwist.com/platform) couples high-quality education content and activities with brand products on a large scale to drive sales and encourage a deeper, more meaningful engagement with a brand.  Kid and adult consumers access compelling content that turns the uninitiated into new customers and the current customers into a long-term fans. We started with kids’ brands and products at cwist.com and thewishengine.cwist.com and are finalizing the first brand-only versions of the platform. Every brand wants a better connection and reason for the customer to come back to them, and this platform makes that happen in a novel, scalable way. Seeking additional $100K investment.  Contact SCP for information.

e5 Global Innovations – e5 Global Innovations develops and sells electronic home automation products for residential customers.  These affordable easy-to-use products expand the functionality of wall switches common to all homes and apartments.  The Patent Pending suite of e5 products use the public radio frequency (RF) spectrum for safe, secure, and discreet communication between devices.  e5 launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that presold more than 450 devices.  e5 seeks $350K for 25 percent equity with funds to be used for final product testing and launch.

Ventus – Ventus evolved from many hours of working with the current in-building radio frequency (RF) design tools and experiencing the terrible workflow they cause.  Hours of mind-numbing repetitious tasks that had nothing to do with designing, all the while saying “There’s got to be a better way.”  When we asked others around the industry, we found the same frustrations everywhere.  Ventus’ goal is to become the dominant force in the in-building wireless modeling area, bringing its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to market.  Ventus is radically changing how carriers and value-added-resellers (VARs) and consultants perform RF designs for cellular, public safety and Wi-Fi solutions.  Ventus removes the current road blocks and more than doubles the productivity of RF design engineers, saving time and cutting the cost per project by more than 50 percent.  Ventus seeks $750K investment to be used for final product development and test.