Core Values

Core values set the strong enduring beliefs and principles that form the foundation for Strategic Capital Partners operations and under-gird decision-making.

Strategic Capital Partners core values are:

  1. Partners and employees will be treated with utmost trust, respect, and love, recognizing that this will translate into how customers are treated.
  2. Always follow Luke 6:31, “Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.”
  3. Encourage creativity and enthusiasm throughout the organization.
  4. Commit to excellence throughout all functions of the company
  5. Have a positive attitude to inspire extraordinary effort.
  6. Operate with responsibility and accountability in finding the optimum solutions to all matters concerning the company, clients, and partners.
  7. Strive to serve those in need.
  8. Maintain a servant posture in all business dealings.
  9. Partner with and hire the right people in the right functions.
  10. Be obedient to and guided by the Holy Bible in all things.
  11. When feasible, commit to service and pro bono work.