We Connect Entrepreneurs With Capital

Crowdfunding, angel investors, pitches, capitalization, private equity, business plans, venture capital…these are all terms savvy entrepreneurs and wise investors quickly become familiar with.  Strategic Capital Partners, LLC helps entrepreneurs and investors navigate the capitalization waters.  We connect the need for capital with the desire for great return on investment.

Benefits to Entrepreneurs

SCP is about providing access to the capital required to fuel growth; a gateway to capital. Having facilitated investment of more than $1.1 million in five companies since 2014, SCP affords access to Mid-Atlantic Angels (MAA), one of the top angel investing networks in the Mid-Atlantic region and a significant source of early-stage capital to regional entrepreneurs.  On occasion, SCP facilitates MAA collaboration with other angel networks to increase the size of the capital raise for startup companies by taking advantage of the extended SCP network.

  • Money: In 2015 alone, MAA members invested more than $825K in four early-stage companies.  In addition to the first round of capital, MAA members often participate in follow-on raises for our portfolio companies.
  • Mentorship: SCP partners and MAA member investors aren’t just a source of capital; they bring top-notch mentorship and personal networks to clients as well.  Once invested, MAA members often want to bring personal or professional resources to bear for the startup in order to increase its likelihood of success.  MAA members also may sit on a company’s board of directors or advisory board.
  • Professional Services: SCP also delivers access to the expertise and experience required to ensure delivery of the optimum investment opportunity messaging to investors, including business plan support, product benefit analyses, optimal funds usage, and valuation validation. We also help prepare a dynamic pitch designed to optimally prepare the company for consideration by investors.  We recommend that early-stage companies take advantage of the access to professional services offered by SCP, as companies generally only get one chance to make a great first impression on investors.

 Private Equity (Angel) Investors

We ensure your access to the investment potential of leading emerging growth technology companies seeking optimum downstream liquidity events. One of the ways we strive to ensure access to capital is through our agency agreement to support Mid-Atlantic Angels (, a leading angel investment group in the region for which we deliver multiple private equity angel events annually through our five Capital Cycles.

Our Capital Cycle Process

SCP evaluates and screens companies in an iterative process called a Capital Cycle.  Each Capital Cycle lasts approximately 5 to 6 weeks, beginning with application, progressing through up to two rounds of company pitches, and ultimately entering due diligence and potential investment at the Angel Event.  SCP hosts five Capital Cycles each year.  When you participate in the SCP Capital Cycle, you will receive the following services and opportunities:

  • SCP Entrepreneur’s Workshop– A 4-hour educational event that covers overall capital structure, the Capital Cycle process, communications coaching, suggestions from angel investors, and Q&A with the founder of an SCP portfolio company.  We anticipate beginning our workshop program in Spring 2016.
  • SCP Pitch Day & Screening Event– The opportunity to pitch your company in front of SCP partners and MAA members.  If you are selected to advance to the Screening Event, you will follow the path as detailed in the Capital Cycle.  If you are ultimately selected to pitch at the Angel Event, the final stage of the Capital Cycle, you will have an opportunity to have your pitch video-taped for posting on the SCP website for access to all MAA members.
  • Pitch Feedback– Following each pitch event, feedback is summarized and provided to the entrepreneurs within 3 business days for improvements and adjustments.  This feedback is critical to fine-tuning your pitch to investors.
  • Due DiligenceFor companies selected for the Angel Event, SCP meets with the companies to review the items requested on the Due Diligence Checklist as provided prior to Pitch Day. This is aimed at anticipating any investor concerns and helping ensure a smooth capitalization experience.
  • Angel Event – This is the capstone event of the Capital Cycle. Only the top companies down-selected from the screening events get to pitch at this event.  SCP anticipates a significantly higher likelihood of capitalization success for companies that make it to the Angel Event.
  • A Second Run– If you don’t advance past Pitch Day or the Screening Event, you will have the opportunity to participate in another Capital Cycle of your choosing in the future.  Many companies collect the feedback and gain more traction or adjust their strategy before coming through a second time, thus increasing their chances of success.  The Application Fee is waived for any second entry to the Capital Cycle.

Contact us today to meet your private equity capital funding or investment needs.  Companies seeking capital, please click on our “Companies Seeking Capital” page.  Investors interested in outstanding investment opportunities, please click on our “Investors” page and request a Mid-Atlantic Angels Membership Application.